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all types of single-conductor electrical wire used in homes and buildings to deliver power. Previously, each acronym was a completely different wire with different approvals
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Place of Origin:    Henan China                                                                                       Brand Name: Chunbin cable

Certification:    ISO9001,ISO14001, CCC                                                                          Model Number:   TW THHN THW THW-2 THHW THWN

Minimum Order Quantity: 5000Meter                                                                              Price:    USD0.07-18.6/M

Packaging Details:    Wooden-Steel Drum                                                                       Delivery Time:    14 days

Payment Terms:    L/C, T/T                                                                                               Supply Ability:    1000 Kilometers per week


Thermoplastic-insulated wire is rated 600 V and is designated as follows:
TW — Indicates a single conductor having flame-retardant, moisture-resistant thermoplastic insulation. The wire is rated 60°C wet or dry.
THHN — Indicates a single conductor having flame-retardant and heat-resistant thermoplastic insulation with a jacket of extruded nylon or equivalent material. The wire is rated 90°C dry only.
THW — Indicates a single conductor having flame-retardant, moisture- and heat-resistant thermoplastic insulation. The wire is rated 75°C wet or dry.
THW-2 — Same as THW except that the wire is rated 90°C wet or dry.
THHW — Indicates a single conductor having flame-retardant, moisture- and heat-resistant thermoplastic insulation. The wire is rated 90°C dry and 75°C wet.
THWN — Indicates a single conductor having flame-retardant, moisture- and heat-resistant thermoplastic insulation with a jacket of extruded nylon or equivalent material. The wire is rated 75°C wet or dry. THWN wire suitable for exposure to mineral oil and to liquid gasoline and gasoline vapors at ordinary ambient temperature is marked "Gasoline and Oil Resistant I" if suitable for exposure to mineral oil at 60°C, or "Gasoline and Oil Resistant II" if the compound is suitable for exposure to mineral oil at 75°C. Gasoline resistant wire has been tested at 23°C when immersed in gasoline. It is considered inherently resistant to gasoline vapors within the limits of the temperature rating.
THWN-2 — Same as THWN except that the wire is rated 90°C wet or dry.

Technical Data of Type Building Wire

Size Construction Insulation Thickness Approximate O.D.
1.6 mm solid 1.20 mm 4.05 mm
2.0 mm solid 1.20 mm 4.45 mm
2.6 mm solid 1.20 mm 5.05 mm
3.2 mm solid 1.60 mm 6.45 mm
2.0 sq. mm 7 x 0.60 mm 1.20 mm 4.25 mm
3.5 sq. mm 7 x 0.80 mm 1.20 mm 4.85 mm
5.5 sq. mm 7 x 1.00 mm 1.20 mm 5.45 mm
8.0 sq. mm 7 x 1.20 mm 1.60 mm 6.85 mm
14 sq. mm 7 x 1.60 mm 1.60 mm 8.05 mm
22 sq. mm 7 x 2.00 mm 1.60 mm 9.25 mm
30 sq. mm 7 x 2.30 mm 1.60 mm 10.15 mm
38 sq. mm 19 x 1.60 mm 1.80 mm 11.65 mm
50 sq. mm 19 x 1.80 mm 1.80 mm 12.65 mm
60 sq. mm 19 x 2.00 mm 1.80 mm 13.65 mm
80 sq. mm 19 x .230 mm 2.00 mm 15.55 mm
100 sq. mm 19 x 2.60 mm 2.00 mm 17.05 mm
125 sq. mm 37 x 2.10 mm 2.20 mm 19.15 mm
150 sq. mm 37 x 2.30 mm 2.20 mm 20.55 mm
200 sq. mm 37 x 2.60 mm 2.40 mm 23.05 mm
250 sq. mm 61 x 2,30 mm 2.40 mm 25.60 mm
325 sq. mm 61 x 2.60 mm 2.60 mm 28.70 mm
400 sq. mm 61 x 2.90 mm 2.60 mm 31.40 mm
500 sq. mm 61 x 3.20 mm 2.80 mm 34.50 mm

THHN, THWN and THW Acronym Meanings In order to quote you accurate price, kindly tell us your needed cable length quantity. Larger quantity, and nice price  will be offered.

Any needs or question, please contact me Mobile:+86-13733189882 or email:andy@chunbincable , we will be more pleasure to service you.
We are looking forward to your inquiry and nice cooperation.

Years ago, you could buy THHN, THWN, THW, THHW or THWN-2 wires, each one made for a specific installation, but now we use multi-rated THHN/THWN-2 as a universal building wire.

THHN, THWN and THW are all types of single-conductor electrical wire used in homes and buildings to deliver power. Previously, each acronym was a completely different wire with different approvals. Each type was specific to an application and cost as such. THHN wire prices, for instance, were higher than those for non-nylon wires. However, nowadays, there is a universal THHN-2 wire that covers all approvals from all variations of THHN, THWN and THW.

What Is THWN Wire?

THWN is similar to THHN, except it is water-resistant, adding the “W” into the acronym. THWN is rated for up to 167°F or 75°C in wet environments, but its successor, THWN-2, is rated for 90°C in both wet and dry environments. Historically, THHN and THWN were separate wires, but now you’ll typically find their capabilities combined in the THHN/THWN-2 design.

THHN wire without a dual approval of THWN is not water-resistant. The water-resistance allowed it to be installed outdoors and in conduit when THHN wire could not. However, remember that they’re all combined into a universal wire now. If you buy THHN wire on our website, it will have all of the attributes of each acronym discussed on this page.

What Is THW Wire?

This one stands for thermoplastic, heat- and water-resistant wire. This acronym is missing the “N” for nylon-coated. The nylon coating looks like a little piece of plastic over a shoelace and protects the wire in a similar fashion. Without the nylon coating, the wire will be slightly cheaper and provide less environmental protection to THW wire. It’s actually difficult to find THW wire without the additional approvals of THHN and THWN because they were all combined into one.

You can probably imagine how difficult it was to design, manufacture, stock and price each of the separate types of electrical wire. That’s why they were combined into a universal THHN-2 wire at a very attractive price.


Chunbin cable is a professional TW THHN THW THW-2 THHW THWN manufacturer and supplier in China.Our products also include: AAC,AAAC,ACSR,ACAR, Galvanized Steel Wire, Aluminium Clad Steel Wire, PVC wire, PVC/XLPE power cable, Aerial Bundled Cable, rubber cable, control cable, etc. Any Interested, Pls feel free to email us,we will reply to you that day feasible prices and material in time!

Packing and shipping

Chunbin Cable Group are capable of meeting the most strict delivery schedules according to per purchase order. Meeting the deadline is always the top priority as any delay in the delivery of cable can contribute to overall project delay and cost over run.
  Chunbin cable Power Cable is supplied in wooden reels, corrugated boxes and coils. Cable ends are sealed with BOPP self adhesive tape and non-arthroscopic sealing caps to protect the cable ends from moisture.

The required marking shall be printed with a weather-proof material on the outsides of drum according to customer's requirement.
After-service commitment
Chunbin Cable Group  possesses chunbincable "Strive for the Best Enterprise, Produce the Best Product, Provide the Best Service, Establish the Best Brand", insists the policy of quality first, endeavors to achieve high quality and zero defect of goods. Therefore, every client could fully benefit from chunbin Cable's superior quality and faultless service. Meanwhile, we observe chunbin cable spirit of "Do Best, Mutually Win", wish to establish long-term and stable relationship with every client. Hereby, we guarantee that:
1. Customer is God. -------Chunbin Cable will cherish every client, every cooperation by heart.
2. Free pre-sales service.-------Chunbin Cable will provide best proposal for each client.
3. Good sales service.-------Chunbin Cable will provide free relative product operation, maintenance tips and installation commissioning technical advisory service when establish cooperation relationship with clients.
4. Thoughtful after sales service . -------Chunbin Cable product are warranted by PICC(People's Insurance Company of China). We will
provide free maintaining and debugging within 12 month after installation(except for the wrong using).
5.Chunbin Cable guarantee Service solve your problems within 24 hours in Zhengzhou, 72 hours for other district.
6. 24 hours hot-line telephone service. We will appoint professional person answer your question timely.
We always firmly believe that " Quality is life line, Service is laissez-passer", which will make us more closer and tight!
Chunbin Cable Group Co., Ltd.


FAQ-------Chunbin Cable
Q: How long does it take to get a quote back?
A: Most quotes are returned within 24 hours, however, if it is for a special construction, it could take more days.

Q: What warranties do your products carry?
A: Chunbin Cable guarantees that all of our products, wires cables,and more are free from defects. We will take back any product that does not meet the agreed quality by both parties. The specific terms are as follows :
1. We guarantee that we will comply with the requirements of warranty period specified in the contract, that the Goods supplied under the purchase order For Procurement of self-carrying distribution network's cable and wire.
2. We will be manufactured under this specification and that the Goods will be new, unused, of the most recent or current models. Once Chunbin Cable are selected, we will supply the Goods strictly according to the requirements of the Contract.
3. The warranty shall remain valid for twelve (12) months after the Goods, or any portion thereof as the case maybe, have been delivered to and accepted at the final destination indicated in the SCC, or for eighteen (18) months after the date of shipment from the port or place of loading in the country of origin, whichever period concludes earlier.
4. During the warranty period purchaser may proclaim directly to the manufacturer in the written form or by the agent if there is any problem in Goods quality. The manufacturer will do the repair or replacement in reasonable time, and will bear all the expenses relating to this.

Q: Do you sell other products besides wire and cable?
A: Wire and cable is our forte, however, we also sell connectors, cable assemblies and cable tools to name just a few. Our products serve numerous markets all over the world.

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